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We are featuring our 22RE this month. It is one of our most sought after engines and is also one of our top sellers.

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          Cylinder Heads

Sunwest Automotive Engine is a privately owned business owned and operated by the same owner for over 25 years.  Our cylinder head specialist and our engine assembler have over 60 years experience in their fields.  We are constantly keeping updated with the latest technology on engine and cylinder head rebuilding. We have the latest, top of the line equipment.

We are not a large company so we can take pride in every project that we do. We have a massive inventory of blocks and cylinder head cores to choose from.  If you need a specific or hard to find core we can most likely can fit your needs..

Looking for date coded heads or blocks? Give us a call !

We do all the specialty aluminum and cast welding for all the large machine shops in town. If you have a specific core that is cracked we have the means to fix it.

We are a company dedicated to customer service.






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